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The Protégé (2021)

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Synopsis: In 1991, in Vietnam, a man finds many men dead in a building and a Vietnamese girl hidden in a closet with a pistol. He leaves the place with a bag of money and the girl Anna with him. In the present days, Moody has raised Anna and they are professional hitmen, living a comfortable life in London. When Moody decides to research the life of a mysterious boy Lucas Hayes last seen in 1999 in Paris, Anna goes to a dry cleaner and asks the owner Benny to look for information about Lucas Hayes and his whereabouts. Then a man named Rembrandt visits Anna in his fancy bookstore and asks for a rare book. When she returns home, she finds the housekeeper Claudia shot dead on the floor and Moody also dead in a bathtub. She heads to the dry cleaner and finds Benny also murdered burned by a steam presser. When she goes to her bookstore to take weapons, two assassins shoot the store but she kills them both. After losing her only family, Anna decides to seek out revenge and travels back to Vietnam to look for any lead to the person who ordered to kill Moody.

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